Wednesday, June 01, 2011

TV carriers in Band 1 VHF TV - Channel R1 and E2

During a Sporadic Es opening yesterday afternoon in TV Band 1,while
I was watching to channel E2 via the PC-TV card on my main PC, I let
the PMSDR receiver running with the WRplus software
on channel R1 on the standby PC.
As you can see I won't miss any openings as I am able to see
on R1 49.735 up to 49.770 mHz.
When switching my PC-TV card to channel R1 there was a strong picture
from M1 - Budapest / Hungary.
On the screenshot you can see from left to right the TV carriers from:
49.739.58 M1-Budapest Hungary
49.747.40 1TV Moscow Rus
49.755.21 1TV Bryansk Rus

Yesterday evening while I was watching to channel R1, on the PC-TV card,
with at that time strong pictures from 2Plus/TVR1 from Cahul / Moldova,
I had on the PMSDR/WRplus the TV carriers from :
Iran on 48.239.62 and Syria on 48.250.15
with Iran at video level for a short moment.

I have set up a stream on
which is open during a Sporadic Es opening in TV Band 1
or FM-Band 2.


  1. this is the way to go john as we dont miss an opening

  2. lucky to whom who own a PMSDR and doing TV-DX
    like you and me.
    I'm still waiting for the 2hop(s)


  3. can you imagine going back to listening to one freq at a time :-) i look forward to your dx reports .. cheers david