Friday, November 20, 2009

20th. November, 2009

Just like yesterday morning the MW band had again a quick fade out
this morning.
The best time for DX was around 0700z with some Calgary and
Manitoba stations and a few SS.
Had a personal first from CHSM with classical music // 950 CFAM.
Some logs:

770 CHQR, Calgary AB
820 TBN, St. Kitts & Nevis
950 CFAM, Altona MB
1060 CKMX, Calgary AB
1250 CHSM, Steinbach MB
1400 Emisora Mariana, Bogota COL
1470 Radio Formula, Mexico City

Sporadic Es possible in november ???
Yes ! The past few days there was Es activity in TV-Band1, mostly
around noontime with strong signals from Russia,Belarus on R1 and R2 and even today Spain on E2 and Portugal on E3 with good video level.

The grab below is a personal first from Stolicnoe TV / Belarus.
Logged yesterday around noontime on channel R1.
The transmitter is located in Svisloch and the power is only 100 Watt - H Pol.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

18th. November, 2009

Conditions this morning was a bit up and down due to the noisy band.
At 0640z short flashes with some good AB stations.
Again a personal first this time from WMTR and WMVP.

Some logs:

1000 WMVP, Chicago IL
1060 CKMX, Calgary AB
1140 CHRB, High River AB
1190 WOWO, Fort Wayne IN
1250 WMTR, Morristown NJ
1250 CJYE, Oakville ON
1540 CHIN, Toronto ON

Recorded this morning:

1190 WOWO 0834 with Fort Wayne and WOWO ID

1250 JOY 0800
ID as:
You are listening to Overnight on the White Oak Communications family of radio stations CJYE Joy 1250 and CJMR 1320

Monday, November 16, 2009

16th. November, 2009

Not much to report TA conditions were below average the past few days however I could log again some personal firsts CINW,CJYE, KJR and WLIB.

14th. Nov. 1190 WLIB, New York City NY
15th. Nov. 940 CINW, Montreal QC
16th. Nov. 1250 CJYE Joy1250, Oakville ON

A big surprise this morning was the catch of KJR at 0926z it is not a big signal but you can clearly hear the station call at 22 secs. on the clip.
950 KJR, Seattle WA

Thursday, November 12, 2009

12th. November, 2009

Conditions were not very good the past few days a noisy band and weak signals.
But I had nice signals this morning from many Canadian stations with a personal first from CKVO,VOWR,CJMS,CKST and CJMR between 0900-1000z.

710 CKVO, Clarenville NL
710 WOR, New York NY
800 VOWR, Saint John's NL
1040 CJMS, St.-Constant QC
1040 CKST, Vancouver BC
1060 CKMX, Calgary AB
1140 CHRB, High River AB
1320 CJMR, Mississauga ON
1410 CFUN, Vancouver BC

Sunday, November 08, 2009

8th. November, 2009

MW conditions were not as good as yesterday-morning, signal strength was a lot weaker, but I could log 2 personal first:

950 WIBX, Utica NY 0913z
1140 CHRB, High River AB 0900z

Saturday, November 07, 2009

7th. November, 2009

Good signal levels this morning MW band was open to the west coast.
Even at 1030z = 1130 local time 1410 CFUN was still audible.

555 ZIZ, St Kitts and Nevis
570 CKGL, Kitchener ON
680 CFTR, Toronto ON
770 WABC, New York NY
770 CHQR, Calgary AB
920 CKNX, Wingham ON
1020 KDKA, Pittsburgh PA
1120 KMOX, St. Louis MO
1290 CFRW, Winnipeg MB
1310 CIWW, Ottawa ON
1320 CHMB, Vancouver BC
1410 CFUN, Vancouver BC
1570 CFAV, Laval QC

Friday, November 06, 2009

6th. November, 2009

TA conditions were above average this morning.
Signals were a lot stronger than the past few days.
Among the regulars I could log 2 personal first:

950 CFAM, Altona MB 0800z classical music
1300 WJMO, Cleveland OH 0730z gospel

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

3rd November, 2009

Despite conditions were again below average I had a personal first
from Mexico on 1190 XETOT ABC Radio relaying XEABC 7-60 AM at 0800utc.

1190 ABC Radio, Tampico MEX