Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sporadic E opening 26th August, 2009

Band 1 as well as Band 2 was open by surprise to Italy this afternoon.
Signals were not too strong.
This is what was logged between : 15:25 - 17:00z

Rai Uno on channel E2, IA and IB
E21 on channel E3




FM-logs - all from Naples district:

87.50 Radio Maria,Vietri sul Mare-Iaconti.
87.60 Radio Capri,Vico Equense/Monte Faito.
87.80 Radio Maria,Roseto Capo Spulico.
88.60 Radio Camaldoli Stereo,Vico Equense/Monte Faito.
88.70 Radio Norba Music,Monopoli-Contrada Impalata.
88.90 Radio Maria,Monopoli-Contrada Impalata.
89.30 Radio Desiderio,Cercemaggiore-Loc.
89.40 Radio Centrale,Teramo-Acquachiara di Manganella.
89.40 Radio Radicale,Martina Franca/Masseria Trasconi.
90.40 Radio 24,Monopoli-Contrada Impalata.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sporadic E opening 25th August, 2009

This is what I think one of the last grab from the sporadic es season 2009.
Between 1200 and 1300z band 1 was open to RUS however with weak video.

12:42z - Channel R1 - 1TV, Moscow

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sporadic E opening 21st August, 2009

Es conditions were really flat today in band 1.
This morning I had weak video on R1 with BT-1 from Belarus and tonight
around 1700z I had RTP-1, Lousa on E3 with weak video.
On the Icom R7000 I could hear the E2 carriers from RTP-1, Muro and
TVE-1, Navacerrada - respective with 6M and Zero offset.
However they didn't reach video level.

E3- RTP-1 - gameshow with "fat guy".


Not much time for DXing the next days.

Tomorrow is the start of DELFSAIL 2009 in my residence Delfzijl.
Together with SAIL - Amsterdam one of biggest events in the Netherlands.
The organization expect more than one million visitors the next five days.

22 - 26 August 2009

In the morning of 22nd August 2009 a magnificent scène will unfold at the Ems estuary in the Northern part of the Netherlands. An impressive fleet of Tall Ships, square riggers, traditional sailing vessels, yachts and steamships from all over the world approaches the port of Delfzijl. Sailing ships are under full sail in the wide estuary, a picture postcard of times past!

While crowds are waiting alongside the canal and at the quaside, the majority of the crews greet them with a song, while standing at the rigging. This 5th edition of DelfSail in 2009 promises a fleet, even bigger and more varied than ever before! The crewmembers know where they are going, to the friendliest port in the Netherlands with the big heart, where ships will be moored adjacent to the citycentre.




Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sporadic E opening 19th August, 2009

After more than a week of none-activity in DXing, I had other things to do
and had also a short stay at the hospital for a small operation, I returned in the shack tonight and noticed a short es opening in band 1 to Portugal and Spain.

Time 18:30 - 18.40z

E2 - TVE-1, Navacerrada - news
E2 - RTP-1, Muro - gameshow with "fatty"
E3 - RTP-1, Lousa - same px


This was probably one of the last es opening in band 1 as the sporadic E season 2009 is coming to an end.
Hopefully we will get some strong tropo-conditions the coming months and I saw on David Hamilton's Blog that the MW season has already started with strong TA signals.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sporadic E opening 9th August, 2009

This morning I had a good Es opening in band 1.
Here is what was logged between 08:15 - 12:00z.

08:15 R1 - Inter, Simferopol (UKR)
08:30 R1 - 1+1, Lvov (UKR)
08:36 R2 - Inter, Mykolaiv (UKR)
08:41 R2 - Moldova1, Balti (MDA)
08:42 R1 - M1, Budapest and Nagykanisza (HNG)
08:53 R2 - 1+1, Uzgorod (UKR)
09:50 R2 - RTL Klub, Pecs (HNG)
10:09 E4 - MTB-1, Pelister (MKD)
10:39 E2 - TLA, Monte Faito (I)
10:40 IA - TLA, Monte Faito (I)
10:41 E2 - RaiUno, M.S. Salvatore (I)
10:42 IB - RaiUno, Mte. Penice (I)
10:59 R1 - 1TV, Moscow (RUS)
11:53 L2 - Canal+, Bastia (F)

Below some screen grabs from above logs:

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Sporadic E opening 8th August, 2009

Not much to report this morning.
Only channel R1 was active with 2Plus from Cahul/Moldavia at 09:40z.


Thursday, August 06, 2009

Sporadic E opening 6th August, 2009

Not much today in Band 1 just TVE/Spain on E2 with a programme
called CORAZON at 12:30 hours utc:

E2 - TVE-1, Navacerrada - with weak video
CCI from RTP-1, Muro - Portugal.



Maybe more to come later today.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Sporadic E opening 5th August, 2009

Not much time for DXing, as I had other things to do today.
But after consulting several mailinglists tonight, it appeared that I have missed nothing.
Around 1700 utc TV-Band was open but nothing to get excited about.
I had only weak video which improved a bit after 1800 utc.

To the logs :

17:05 - R1 - 1+1, Lvov (UKR)
17:18 - R1 - Inter, Simferopol (UKR)
18:04 - R1 - M1, Budapest (HNG)
18:16 - E3 - JTV, Suwaileh (JOR)
18:25 - E4 - HRT-1, Labistica (HRV)
19:15 - E2 - TVE-1, Navacerrada
times utc




Monday, August 03, 2009

Sporadic E opening 3rd August, 2009

Had Italy in during daytime and almost the whole evening on
channel IA/IB and E2 with the TLA's and Rai Uno's.
As from 16.45 utc conditions improved and caused sometimes a big mess especially on the E channels.
Hungary was too strong on R1 that it was nearly impossible to see the video from Iran on E2 at around 18.00 utc.
A strong RTL Klub on R2 made video from Jordan on E3 very difficult.

More TV-logs from today (times utc) :

16:52 R1 - M1, Budapest
17:43 R2 - RTL KLub, Pecs
18:00 E2 - Irib2,Iran
18:16 E3 - JTV, Suwaileh
18:27 E3 - E21, M. Giarolo
18:30 E4 - HRT1, Labistica
18:43 E4 - MTB1, Pelister

Some screen grabs:





As from 16:45 utc FM band was open to Italy and the Balkans.
However signals were very unstable.
I have heard some stations from Croatia, Romania, Turkey and Greece.

FM-Logs : 1657 - 1825 utc :

88.30 - HRV: Radio Marija,Virovitica - Kaza - Planina .
88.40 - ROU: Radio Trinitas,Onesti (BC).
88.80 - ROU: Romania Actualitati,Cluj Napoca - Feleac .
88.80 - HRV: HRT-HR 3,Brac - Vidova Gora (ST).
89.40 - GRC: Lampsi 89.4 FM,Thessaloniki.
89.40 - ROU: Radio Europa FM,Giurgiu (GR).
89.80 - TUR: Show Radyo,Istanbul/K.Camlica (MAM-IST).
90.40 - GRC: 904 Aristera sta FM,Thessaloniki/Hortiatis .

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sporadic E opening 2nd August, 2009

Not too much sporadic es here the last couple of days.

Friday - 31/7
A short but strong opening to Italy between 12:35 - 12:45 UTC with
Rai Uno on E2,IA and IB
TLA on E2 and IA
E21 on E3 - instead of home shopping they had a film this time.


No Es was noted after the above opening.

Saturday - 1/8
Only one log for today :
17:15 - 17.30 UTC : E2 - TVE1/Navacerrada > adverts.

Despite 50Mhz/6 meter band had a good sporadic es opening today,Sunday the 2nd,there was not much going on in TV-Band 1.
I had very weak video from Inter (Ukraine) on channel R1 and R2 around 07:15 utc.
At 09:08 utc Irib-2/Iran appeared for a very short moment on channel E2 although with also weak video.

Sunday afternoon didn't also bring much DX.
The only log so far was MTB-1, Pelister (MKD) at 13:30 utc on channel E4 with kick boxing.