Monday, May 31, 2010

USSR UEIT Test Card still exist

Another good Sporadic E opening today.
A lot of "R" channels was seen from Russia/Ukraine/Moldova and Hungary.
On the Icom R75 I had two strong E2 carriers:
48.250.213 probable Dubai and another one on 48.253.681 there's supposed to be an E2 transmitter in Afghanistan but the offset is unknown.
No video was seen due to heavy interference from 2Plus/Moldova on R1.
Most likely I had my first TA carrier on A2 = 55.259.998 with 60hz sidebands.
The antenna was pointed to the North-West.
Again no luck with the video as from the back of my antenna I had strong
signals from Jordan and Italy.

On channel R2 I could log the test card of Kiev/UKR which is very rare nowadays.
Maybe it is only used for a local programme start.

First log this season of E3 - Jordan:

Still on air E21 Network from Italy on E3:

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Iran on channel E2 - 48.239.621 Mhz video

Sporadic E conditions were well down most of the day.
At 1630z however a sudden explosions of some "R" channels and for the first time this season I could grab a rather good pic of Iran on channel E2.
This was seen from 1630 - 1710 utc.
IA - Rai Uno gameshow
R3 - Moldova1 football
R2 - Moldova1 same px
R2 - Inter - movie
R1 - M1 - Hungary soap
R1 - 2Plus - review Eurovison songcontest
and finally
E2 - Iran logo trc

Saturday, May 29, 2010

R1 - BT 1/Belarus

Sporadic Es conditions were a bit down yesterday and today.
Only BT 1 from Belarus was seen this morning at 0930utc.

Channel R1 - BT 1 - Minsk
Logo tlc

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sporadic Es TV Band 1- 25th and 26th May 2010

I have been getting some Sporadic E on TV Band 1 yesterday and today.
Below some screengrabs from channel:
IA Rai Uno
R2 Moldova1
R2 ETV - Estonia
R1 Nova - Czech
R1 Inter UKR
R1 2Plus - Moldova
R1 1+1 UKR

Again strong carriers tonight from Iran on E2 and Jordan on E3 but there was to much co-channel interference to make a good grab.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sporadic Es FM- Band II

Sporadic E propagation was life almost all afternoon in FM-Band II
with a long last opening mostly into north-west and eastern Spain.
The first half hour of the opening every frequency was occupied with more
than one station making it hard for the RDS signal to come through.

Below the loggings, time of reception 12.30-14.30 UTC, local time is UTC + 2 hours.

88.40 1415- ESP: Catalunya Ràdio,Mont Caro (CAT). PI E231 - (1474 km)
88.90 1246- ESP: iCat fm,Rocacorba (CAT). PI E233 - (1290 km)
90.40 1245- ESP: Onda Cero,Yecla (MUR). PI E2EE -(1746 km)
90.50 1230- ESP: SER,Orihuela (VAL). PI E0FE - (1800 km)
91.20 1243- ESP: RNE R.Nacional,Valencina (AND).PI E211-(2026 km)
91.30 1233- ESP: R. Marina Alta,Denia (VAL). PI F015 - (1699 km)
93.20 1302- ESP: M 80,San Fernando (AND). PI E230 - (2127 km)
96.70 1405- ESP: R. Intereconomia,Valladolid (CAL).PI E256 - (1555 km)
97.20 1404- ESP: Top Radio,Madrid (MAD). PI E2E7- (1640 km)
99.40 1300- ESP: R. Andalucia.,Córdoba.PI E333-(1929 km)
102.60 1353- ESP: Canal Extremadura,Montanchez.PI E30A-(1852 km)
103.00 1351- ESP: Unk FM - Villaviciosa de Odón PI code E42C
104.30 1350- ESP: Maxima FM,Madrid (MAD).Voice ID.(1640 km)
105.90 1429- ESP: Flaix FM,Collsuspina (CAT). PI E199 - (1326 km)
106.30 1432- ESP: Punto Radio,Madrid(MAD). PI E1E2 - (1635 km)
106.60 1339- ESP: Hit FM, Alcobendas (MAD)- PI E2F1
106.90 1344- ESP: Onda Vasca,Sollube (EUS). PI A000 - (1315 km)
107.30 1247- FRA: RTL,Perpignan (66). PI F211 -(1217 km)
107.50 1323- ESP: Unid - PI E5FF.
107.70 1336- ESP: RK 20, Villalbilla (MAD) - PI E400.

Part 2:
At 14.45 utc the Es cloud left Spain and moved to Italy (Sardinia) and Tunesia.

Below the loggings, time of reception 15.00-16.30 UTC, local time is UTC + 2 hours.

87.70 1605- ITA: R. It. Solo Musica,Mt. Cammarata. PI 5220. (1822 km).
87.90 1550- ITA: R101,Sant’Antioco(CI). PI 5215. (1590 km).
89.40 1549- TUN: Jawhara FM,Kairouan (KAI). PI 7210. (1976 km).

95.00 1603- ITA: Radio Kiss Kiss,Alcamo (TP). PI 5225. (1772 km).
99.80 1517- FRA: Virgin Radio,Coti-Chiavari (20A). VOICE ID. (1291 km).
101.40 1515- ITA: Radio Margherita,Cagliari(CA). PI 5242. (1576 km).
103.25 1627- ITA: R. Dimensione S.,Valverde(CT). PI 5264 (1863 km).
104.70 1513- TUN: RTT Radio Monastir,Zaghouan . PI 7203. (1902 km).
105.80 1511- ITA: R. Dimensione S.,Tempio Pausania.PI 5264 (1396 km).
106.30 1508- TUN: Zitouna,Kasserine/Djebel Chambi. PI 7211
106.60 1509- TUN: RTT Radio Sfax,Sfax (SFA). PI 7204 (2084 km).
106.90 1525- TUN: Radio Zitouna FM,Sidi Bou Said. (1850 km).
107.00 1506- ITA: Radio Radicale,Sinnai (CA). PI 5210. (1563 km).
107.80 1616- ITA: Radio Radicale,Vico Equense(NA). PI 5210. (1522 km).

Logged in TV Band I Rai Uno on channel IA with their new logo:

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sporadic Es Band 1 and 2

First real signs of sporadic es here today.
It started right after noontime in TV Band 1
with Rai Uno on IA and IB/E4 both channels with good video.
On E2 I saw the video carriers of
Iran ( 2x ) 48.239.622 Mhz / 48.259.242 Mhz
and Syria on 48.250.161 Mhz
but the signals were to weak for video/audio.
Also good video on E4 from MTB-1 - Pelister (Macedonia).

Around 1400z Band 2 was open to TUR and GRC - below some logs:

FM loggings 2010 05 23 Delfzijl JO33KH [53°19'N 06°53'E]

88.80 TUR: Burc FM,Denizli (EGE-DZL). PI 322C. (2423 km).
88.80 GRC: ERA2 Dheftero,Evia. PI 1202, PS "ERT-ERA2". (2016 km).
89.30 TUR: Alem FM,Izmir. PI 3219, PS " IZMIR". (2258 km).
90.90 GRC: ERA3 Trito,Athina. PI 1203. (2144 km).
91.20 GRC: ERA2 Dheftero,Kavala. PI 1202, PS "ERT-ERA2". (1890 km).
92.00 TUR: TRT FM,Mugla-Yatagan/Göktepe. PI 3201. (2423 km).
94.10 TUR: Radyo Samanyolu Haber,Izmir. PI 9999, PS " 94.1". (2266 km).
95.10 GRC: ERA2 Dheftero,Thasos. PI 1202, PS " ERA 2". (1930 km).

Friday, May 21, 2010

KAZ antenna

My FlyVideo3000 PCI-TV card is sent abroad for further modification
and is not yet returned so I can not watch the Sporadic Es TV-Band1 pics.
Therefore I took the time last week to make some space in the garden to install a KAZ antenna for mediumwave TA-DX.
Due to other garden works I had temporary dismantle my EWE and Flag antenna.
But both will be re-installed in due course.
A comparison between the above antennas and the KAZ is therefore not possible at the moment.

Height = 23 feet
Base length = 72 feet
Balun = 48/11 SS
No resistor in use at the moment.
Feedpoint to 310 degrees.

KAZ article

Sunday, May 02, 2010


Finally I got the RDSDX software with Arno Vaino's remote control unit working.
I connected this unit between a Kenwood KT-6040 tuner
and a Conrad RDS Manager.
As you can see on this demo the displayed frequency top left is
coming from my KT 6040 when tuning and it shows a very quick RDS.
Arno Vainio designed this remote controller for the Sony ST-SE520, ST-SE700, ST-SA3ES, ST-SA5ES and Kenwood KT-6040 -type of receivers.
It might work in other type of Sony receivers as well, but this was not tested. Currently only remote controlling from receiver side to PC is supported.

RDSDX demo

If you want to know more about this remote control unit etc... , do have a look at :
Herman Wijnants RDS pages