Monday, April 26, 2010

AutoHotkeys for the PMSDR receiver

The well known Scottish MW-DX'ers David Hamilton and Ken Baird have altered a Perseus hotkey script for use for the pmsdr and Winrad ver 1.6.1.
So I can now have automated recordings for anytime of the day/night of my choice.

A simple walk through guide for setting up the auto hotkeys recording for winrad ver 1.6.1 and the pmsdr receiver and all the files needed you will find on David's blog.

David Hamilton's blog

Ken Bairds website

Last night I tested the autohotkeys with the pmsdr rx and it works great !!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

TA-DX in Holland with the PMSDR receiver

Not much to report DX-wise today.
So I went through some of my pmsdr recordings and I found this one.
It is a recording from 21-02-2010 at 0642 utc.
You hear an ID from WFAN-New York on 660 khz.
The qrm is from the TV set downstairs

Link:WFAN-New York

Monday, April 19, 2010

PMSDR & WinradHD test

I have not been adding much on here for the last months mainly due to not
having anything worthy to report.
I had hoped for a number of TA-DX recordings with the PMSDR
to put on this blog, but just when I had purchased this very good receiver MW conditions dropped down rapidly
I recently made a PMSDR recording of the mediumwave around 900 Khz.
It is not DX, but only have meant to give an impression of PMSDR and

You can watch this video on:


Hopefully already next month I can do more recordings see me monitoring
TV Band1 E2/R1 during Sporadic Es with the PMSDR.

tvdxrools from Scotland has recently started a Yahoo PMSDR group.
You can visit the group on the web.