Saturday, August 06, 2011

Sporadic Es - 5 aug 2011

As you can see on the MUF map below which shows
a nice evening Sporadic Es opening into the Balkans.

This was received between 1640 - 1900 hours UTC.
Local time is UTC + 2 hours.
R2 - 2Plus/Moldova + R2 -Inter/Ukraine + R1 - M1/Hungary and
R2 - STV1/Slovakia + R2 - M1/Moldova and R2 - RTL KLub/Hungary

There was only a short opening on FM-Band 2
which last 5 minutes into Bulgaria with:
88.10 1703utc BUL: BNR Horizont,Kavarna. (1919 km).
95.30 1707utc BUL: BNR Hristo Botev,Burgas. (1919 km).

Clip BNR Horizont

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Sporadic Es 2 aug 2011

A pretty wild TV Band 1 Es opening this evening, again starting
surprisingly late at around 17.30 utc.
Local time is UTC + 2 hours.
Below some pics which I could grab out of the mess.

Channel E4
MTB-1/Makedonia with new logo showing
their national flag in top left corner.

Channel R1