Wednesday, February 16, 2011

HJLI Libertad, Bogota - Colombia

A personal first this morning at 0700utc on 1520 Khz from
HJLI Libertad.
This is former J.C.Radio from Bogota now called Libertad as per 01-12-2010.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

LPAM Radio

LPAM (Low Power AM) stations have a special licence from Ofcom to allow them to broadcast to a very small area, such as a hospital, university or army barracks. They have a maximum power output of 1 Watt, which is very small compared to other radio stations on the medium wave band; most local stations have power of about 1-5 kW, and some national services are 500kW (500,000 Watts).

Despite this low power it is possible to receive these broadcasts over a wide area if you have a good receiver and antenna - stations can be heard over 100 km away during the daytime. During darkness hours the signals can be heard over many hundreds of km if conditions are good and the frequency used is not occupied by high power broadcasters.

This morning I could log Kingstown Hospital Radio from Hull ( 1 Watt) on 1350 kHz at 0759utc