Friday, June 28, 2013

Sporadic Es in TV Band 1 - Channel E3 - JRTV Jordan

On David Hamilton's I found an interesting item how to clean up tvdx video's by using VLC and a Screen recorder.

As you can see in this video I sometimes clean up the video resulting in avoiding the blur motion.

This was received in the Netherlands on June 18, 2013.

Video E3 - JRTV

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Not much of interest to report today.

Only the common stuff from Russia/Belarus was seen in TV Band 1 on channel R1 and R2.

On channel R3 - 5. Kanal from St. Petersburg was seen for a brief moment.

In the afternoon FM Band 2 was open into Italy and on channel E3 was Jordan in with good video, but due to a big thunderstorm I had to disconnect the antennas.

This was logged on 19. June 2013.

92.20 MHz BNR Hristo Botev from Belogradcik (BUL)


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A bit of a difficult day for Band II Es propagation. While almost all of Europe was showing high MUF values, the band at my location stayed quiet for ages.

And when it did take-off, ID-ing stations appeared to be very difficult due to heavy fading and a wide skip area giving 2-3 stations on each frequency.

Finally the band opened here at 1316 utc into Greece and Turkey and some Balkan's.

On the whole not a bad day at all.

This was heard:

19 juni 2013  87.50    1341    TUR    Delta FM, Istanbul/Camlica (mam-ist) -    2150km
 87.60    1319    E    COPE, Badajoz (EXT-BA) -    1925km
 87.60    1935    E    Rock FM, León (CAL-LE) -   1508km
 87.60    1936    POR    RDS, Seixal (set) -    2044km
 87.80    1348    TUR    Bayram FM, Gebze/Gazi Dagi (mam-koc)-    2186km
 87.90    1950    POR    RDP Antena 1, Lousã/Trevim (coi) -    1862km
 88.10    1956    E    Onda Cero, Chinchilla de Monte Aragón (CAM-AB)-   1735km
 88.20    1351    TUR    TRT 3 Radyo Üc, Istanbul/B.Camlica TRT (mam-ist)-    2149km
 88.40    1353    TUR    Lalegül FM, Istanbul/Camlica (mam-ist)-    2150km
 88.80    1358    TUR    Burc FM, Istanbul/Camlica (mam-ist)-   2150km
 88.80    1507    SRB    Radio Seven / TDI Radio, Niš (Srb) PI:E0E4 PS:TDI_888_    1567km
 88.80    1507    BUL    BNR Horizont, Kresna/RRTS Pastrets (blg)-   1770km
 88.80    1714    HRV    HRT-HR 3, Brac/Vidova Gora (st) -   1329km
 89.50    1417    TUR    Sampiyon FM (Bursa), Mudanya/Gündogdu Tepe (mam-bur)-   2203km
 89.50    1931    E    RNE Radio Nacional, Xistral (GAL-LU) -  1529km
 89.50    1939    POR    TSF Rádio Notícias, Lisboa/Monsanto (lis)-   2036km
 89.80    1345    TUR    Show Radyo, Mudanya/Gündogdu Tepe (mam-bur)-   2203km
 90.50    1602    TUR    Olay FM (Bursa), Mudanya/Gündogdu Tepe (mam-bur)-   2203km
 91.00    1713    TUR    Radyo Alaturka, Istanbul/Camlica (mam-ist)-   2150km
 91.60    1606    TUR    Radyo 24 (Istanbul), Istanbul/Camlica (mam-ist)-    2150km
 91.60    1611    BIH    BN Radio, Doboj/Ankare (srp)   BN Radio   - PI: F038    1255km
 91.60    1710    GRC    Rythmos 91,6, Lesvos-Mitilini/Prof. Ilias (neg-les)   PI:115A    2179km
 92.20    1621    TUR    Radyo Gözde 92.2, Yalova/Bayrak Tepe (mam-yal)  PI:2007-   2192km
 92.20    1622    BUL    BNR Hristo Botev, RRTS Botev vrah (pld) - 1779km
 92.90    1522    BUL    BNR Hristo Botev, Sofia/Kopitoto-KRTTS Vitoša (sfg)-   1696km
 93.50    1625    TUR    Radyo Mehtap, Istanbul/Camlica (mam-ist) PI:3211-    2150km
 93.90    1555    ROU    Pro FM, Baneasa/Dobrogea Sud (CL)-   1837km
 94.00    1412    BUL    BNR Radio Plovdiv, Plovdiv/RRTS Zdravets (pld)-   1828km
 94.00    1453    GRC    Radio Gamma 94 FM, Patra (wgr-akh)- PI:136C     2029km
 94.20    1553    ROU    National FM, Constanta (CT)   PI:9250 PS:National    1881km
 95.30    1655    BIH    Bobar Radio, Kozara/Lisina (srp) PI:F0A3 PS:*BOBAR*_    1184km
 98.40    1730    TUR    Best FM, Istanbul/Camlica (mam-ist)   2150km
100.00    1434    ROU    Radio Arena, Calarasi (CL)  PI: 5320 -1800km
100.00    1514    TUR    Power FM, Istanbul/Camlica (mam-ist)-   2150km
106.50    1706    TUR    Radyo Seymen, Izmir-Bayrakli/Kartepe (ege-izm)  PI:3481-   2260km
106.80    1401    TUR    Radyo Samanyolu Haber, Istanbul/Camlica (mam-ist) -  2150km

Monday, June 17, 2013

Only weak activity in ionosphere today.

Just before noon I had very short peaks to Algeria, which is always difficult to identify without having RDS.

Second opening appears just after lunch, this was a better one into Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, each lasting only 1 -2 minutes.

However, some stations were identified:

This was heard: 17 juni 2013  
 87.60    0934    ALG    Chaîne 3, Kef El Akhal (25)-   1885km
 87.60    1316    BUL    Radio Zorana, Sofia/kv. Gorna banya (sfg)- 1691km
 87.60    1343    BUL    BNR Horizont, Babyak (blg)  - 1776km
 88.20    1317    BUL    BNR Hristo Botev, Belogradcik-   1584km
 88.30    1255    GRC    Energy 88.3, Veria/Rahi (cmc-ima)-    1837km
 88.30    1318    HRV    Radio Marija, Virovitica/Milanovac-    1130km
 88.30    1326    HRV    HRT-HR 1, Vinkovci/Borinci (vu) -   1238km
 88.40    0935    ALG    Chaîne 3, Chréa (9)-     1911km
 88.40    1321    SRB    Radio Marija, Irig/Vrdnik (Voj)-    1306km
 88.40    1322    BIH    Radio Slobomir, Bijeljina/Bijeljina Silos (brc)-    1308km
 88.40    1341    BUL    BNR Horizont, Roman/Strupets (vrt) -   1689km
 89.00    1308    GRC    89 Rainbow, Thessaloniki/Hortiatis (cmc-tsk)-  1869km
 89.40    1003    ALG    Chaîne 1, Tiaret - Gzoul (14)-   2045km
 90.70    0937    ALG    Chaîne 1, Kef El Akhal (25)-    1885km
 90.90    0938    ALG    Radio Soummam, Bejaïa - Yema Gouraya (6)-  1851km
 94.10    0950    ALG    Radio Algérie Internationale, Mecheria (45)-   2272km
 94.70    0954    ALG    Radio Tlemcen, Nador (13) - 2163km

Friday, June 14, 2013

Not much te report so far.

TV Band 1 was open at 0810 utc with strong video on Channel R1 - 1TV - St. Petersburg.

Around 1630 utc a short Es opening into Spain;

This was heard.

14 juni 2013 ESP  89.30    1635    E    Radiolé, Villafranca de los Barros (EXT-BA)                               
 91.60    1639    E    COPE, Cáceres (EXT-CC)                                                         
 94.00    1642    E    Canal Sur Radio, Almonaster la Real (AND-H)                            
 95.00    1649    E    Euskadi Irratia, Zaldiaran (PVA-VI)                                             
 95.10    1652    E    Los 40 Principales, Villamartin (AND-CA)                                   
 95.10    1653    E    Radio Intereconomía, Madrid/Torrespaña (MAD-M)                   
105.10    1713    E    Canal Sur Radio, Valencina del Concepción (AND-SE)              
106.90    1708    E    Radio Marca, Sevilla (AND-SE)                                                 
107.00    1706    E    Libertad FM, Alcorcón (MAD-M)        PI:1070                         
107.30    1718    E    Fórmula Hit, Bembibre (CAL-LE)   PI:A000  PS:_FMBIERZO 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A very small loglist for today. Due to other commitments I was not much in the shack.

13 juni 2013  87.60    0726    GRC    Laikos 87.6, Thessaloniki/Hortiatis (cmc-tsk)     1869km
 88.30    0727    GRC    Energy 88.3, Veria/Rahi (cmc-ima)                    1837km
 88.30    1715    POR    RDP Antena 1, Muro/Serra do Gerês (vcs)       1705km
 88.80    0840    I    Radio Azzurra, Roccagloriosa (sa)                           1607km
 91.20    0730    GRC    ERA2 Dheftero Progr, Kavala/Mt Pangaion      1889km

Sporadic Es 12 June 2013

As you will gather by my lack of posts as nothing of interest has been happening on TV Band 1 en FM Band 2 at my location during the past weeks.

But I will remember 12 Juni 2013. Wow, what a day! I don't think the Es stopped this day. Propagation covered from Baltic States round to North Africa on and off all day. Nice to hear Estonia and Lithuania again. TV Band 1 had a good start in the morning with fair video from Jordan on Channel E3.

FM Band II was open for almost eleven hours. Total number of countries received (11).

I won't bother you with a very long list of logs,but they can be seen here.


A few logs from the log file.


88.20 Mhz ZIP FM - Bubiai / Lithuania.

Catched this one just before the Es faded out at around 2200 hrs local time.

89.60 Mhz from Sardinia Island.