Wednesday, June 29, 2011

E3 - Jordan 29 june 2011

At around 1130 this morning Channel E3 (55.250 mHz video)opened
up with JRTV Jordan.
That on that time shows a cooking programme , which was parallel
seen on the Hotbird SAT TV.

Screengrab of the WRplus software showing the JRTV offset at 55.249.875 mHz.
At that time on a clear channel as Syria on E3, normally a bit higher,
was gone.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Update - TV Band 1 logs - 28 June 2011

Not much to report and no great details as only the "normal" stuff is
I received the following today 28th June this morning.

R1 - 1 TV - Moscow
R2 - Rossija1 - Novgorod
IA - Rai Uno - Mt. Caccia
IB/E4 - Rai Uno/TG1 - unid location
it's a distinctive wide unstable carrier (see grab - 62.262.125 mHz)and
it is suspected to be down south Italy.

FM Band 2 open again - Mon 27 June 2011

A number of short openings yesterday.
The first one at 11.25-11.45 than a second one at 13.05 - 15.00
and finally 18.15-18.45 UTC from Istanbul/Turkey.

This is what was heard:

96.70 1349 ALG Chaîne 2, Meghriss
101.20 1351 ALG Chaîne 2, Metlili
87.60 1455 BUL BNR Radio Shumen, Shumen
88.20 1435 BUL BNR Hristo Botev, Belogradcik
91.70 1433 BUL BNR Hristo Botev, Plovdiv
93.60 1433 BUL BNR Hristo Botev, Ikhtiman
95.00 1439 BUL BNR Horizont, Karnobat
87.50 1136 E Evolution FM, Alcorcón
88.20 1125 E RNE R.Nacional, Madrid
87.50 1356 I Radio Maria, Vietri sul Mare
92.20 1308 I Radio Jukebox (Rete Selene), Corato
94.50 1352 I Radio Subasio, Rocca di Papa
93.30 1419 MKD MR 1 - Radio Skopje, Dusegubica
88.50 1428 ROU Pro FM, Resita/Semenic
89.30 1451 ROU Radio Europa FM, Arad
89.70 1450 ROU RR 2 Cultural, Alexandria
91.00 1459 ROU România Actualitati, Bihor
88.80 1424 SRB Radio Seven, Niš (Srb)
90.90 1415 SRB Radio Beograd 1, Kopaonik
88.40 1823 TUR Lalegül FM, Istanbul/Camlica
89.60 1839 TUR Müjde FM, Istanbul (relayed USA Family Radio)
89.80 1835 TUR Show Radyo, Istanbul
90.40 1833 TUR Haber Türk Radyo, Istanbul
91.00 1832 TUR Radyo Alaturka, Istanbul
93.90 1828 TUR Medya FM, Istanbul
94.10 1827 TUR Polis Radyosu, Istanbul
99.20 1846 TUR Pal FM, Istanbul
100.00 1845 TUR Power FM, Istanbul

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Saturday 25.06.2011 - Es FM Band 2

This season has been very poor Es wise.
The last decent Sporadic Es opening in FM Band 2
in my QTH was on 26 May, which is almost a month ago.
I have never experienced such a bad start.
At last Band 2 went open to Italy, France and Tunesia.
This was heard between 18.40 and 19.20 utc with all Italian
stations from Sardinia and the French one from Corsica.

89.60 ITA: Radio Planargia,Punta Badde Urbara. PI 56F9
94.20 ITA: RDS - Radio Dimensione Suono,Porto Torres. PI 5264
94.70 ITA: Radio Deejay,Sant’Antioco. PI 5214
95.00 ITA: RDS - Radio Dimensione Suono,Monte Argentu. PI 5264
96.60 TUN: RTT Radio Jeunes,Ain Draham. PI 7201
97.30 ITA: RAI Radio3,Punta Badde Urbara. PI 5203
100.10 ITA: Radio 24,Sant’Antioco. PI 5245
100.40 TUN: Radio Zitouna FM,Ain Draham. PI 7211
101.70 ITA: Radio Evangelo,Sinnai. PI 5000
104.60 ITA: Radio Bonaria,Cagliari. PI 5056

105.20 FRA: Fun Radio,Coti-Chiavari. PI F217
107.30 ITA: Radio Maria,Villanova Monteleone. PI 51CC

Saturday, June 11, 2011

RUV-Iceland on TV channel E4 - 10.06.2011

After a few days dry spell the TV Band1 Es were back in full June force on
10th. June 2011.
This intense opening lasted more than 12 hours.
It started around noontime and ended far past midnight.
A mix bag of regular TV stations from Russia/Belarus/Ukraine/Moldova
and Makedonia were seen.

The highlight appeared around 1900 utc (= 21.00 hours local time)
with RUV from Iceland on channel E4 = 62.250 mHz video.
I could see both RUV carriers on 62.251.318 mHz from Skalafell
and 62.251.670 mHz from a unid location.
RUV logo top right.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Sporadic Es TV Band1 - 3 June 2011

Band 1 was open most of the day with good to strong signals.
At 0930 hrs local time I had a strong carrier on channel E2
from Iran (Irib-2) but R1 channels were so strong I couln't
get any video.
On channel E4 I saw for the first time the Al-Amal news transmitter
also from Iran popping up for a few seconds.

Among the regulars from Belarus,Russia and Ukraine I logged
the below TV stations:
From left to right:

IA - Rai Uno tx Monte Cammarata/Italy
E4 - MTB-1 tx Pelister / Macedonia
R1 - 2Plus/TVR-1 tx Cahul/Moldova
R1 - unid UEIT test pattern from east direction
R2 - M-1 tx Balti / Moldova
R2 - RTL tx Pecs/Hungary

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

TV carriers in Band 1 VHF TV - Channel R1 and E2

During a Sporadic Es opening yesterday afternoon in TV Band 1,while
I was watching to channel E2 via the PC-TV card on my main PC, I let
the PMSDR receiver running with the WRplus software
on channel R1 on the standby PC.
As you can see I won't miss any openings as I am able to see
on R1 49.735 up to 49.770 mHz.
When switching my PC-TV card to channel R1 there was a strong picture
from M1 - Budapest / Hungary.
On the screenshot you can see from left to right the TV carriers from:
49.739.58 M1-Budapest Hungary
49.747.40 1TV Moscow Rus
49.755.21 1TV Bryansk Rus

Yesterday evening while I was watching to channel R1, on the PC-TV card,
with at that time strong pictures from 2Plus/TVR1 from Cahul / Moldova,
I had on the PMSDR/WRplus the TV carriers from :
Iran on 48.239.62 and Syria on 48.250.15
with Iran at video level for a short moment.

I have set up a stream on
which is open during a Sporadic Es opening in TV Band 1
or FM-Band 2.