Sunday, June 26, 2011

Saturday 25.06.2011 - Es FM Band 2

This season has been very poor Es wise.
The last decent Sporadic Es opening in FM Band 2
in my QTH was on 26 May, which is almost a month ago.
I have never experienced such a bad start.
At last Band 2 went open to Italy, France and Tunesia.
This was heard between 18.40 and 19.20 utc with all Italian
stations from Sardinia and the French one from Corsica.

89.60 ITA: Radio Planargia,Punta Badde Urbara. PI 56F9
94.20 ITA: RDS - Radio Dimensione Suono,Porto Torres. PI 5264
94.70 ITA: Radio Deejay,Sant’Antioco. PI 5214
95.00 ITA: RDS - Radio Dimensione Suono,Monte Argentu. PI 5264
96.60 TUN: RTT Radio Jeunes,Ain Draham. PI 7201
97.30 ITA: RAI Radio3,Punta Badde Urbara. PI 5203
100.10 ITA: Radio 24,Sant’Antioco. PI 5245
100.40 TUN: Radio Zitouna FM,Ain Draham. PI 7211
101.70 ITA: Radio Evangelo,Sinnai. PI 5000
104.60 ITA: Radio Bonaria,Cagliari. PI 5056

105.20 FRA: Fun Radio,Coti-Chiavari. PI F217
107.30 ITA: Radio Maria,Villanova Monteleone. PI 51CC


  1. I’m hoping to catch some Es this season, as I completely missed it last time.

    We had two small openings earlier today. I caught an unidentified French language station on 87.6, Radio 105 from Italy on 88.2, and an unidentified station on 94.6.

  2. Hi,

    As said before a slow start of the sporadic es this year.
    But having said this, there was a nice es
    opening yesterday in FM Band.
    Hope that you get also the luck to catch a big opening.

    73's John

  3. hi john great to see you are having some openings. this is the worst season ever for me i look forward to mw season to get some dx 73 david

  4. Hi David,

    Glad that I good log some ES-FM.
    I never have had a season that I have
    to wait almost 4 weeks for an opening
    on FM.
    The Dutch guys in the western part of Holland
    had more luck with the Es same as the DX'ers
    in southern UK.

    ES in Band1 didn't bring any exotics so far.

    Hope you will get luck in receiving TA the
    coming weeks.
    I will follow your blog for that.