Saturday, June 04, 2011

Sporadic Es TV Band1 - 3 June 2011

Band 1 was open most of the day with good to strong signals.
At 0930 hrs local time I had a strong carrier on channel E2
from Iran (Irib-2) but R1 channels were so strong I couln't
get any video.
On channel E4 I saw for the first time the Al-Amal news transmitter
also from Iran popping up for a few seconds.

Among the regulars from Belarus,Russia and Ukraine I logged
the below TV stations:
From left to right:

IA - Rai Uno tx Monte Cammarata/Italy
E4 - MTB-1 tx Pelister / Macedonia
R1 - 2Plus/TVR-1 tx Cahul/Moldova
R1 - unid UEIT test pattern from east direction
R2 - M-1 tx Balti / Moldova
R2 - RTL tx Pecs/Hungary

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