Saturday, December 26, 2009

26th. December, 2009

Unfortunately not much to report in recent weeks.
The MW conditions were a bit down and only the regulars are heard but still had a few *personal first* logged the past few days:

820 CHAM, Hamilton ON
1310 WLOB, Portland ME
1540 WDCD, Albany NY
1570 CKMW, Winkler MB
1650 KCNZ, Cedar Falls IA
1670 CJEU, Gatineau QC *NEW*

Hopefully MW conditions will improve the coming days so maybe
I am lucky to log some nice TA stations during this xmas-holiday.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

10th. December, 2009

Again some really strong signals this morning with
ie CHQR, never had this one so strong, CHRB and a personal first from 1550 CBE.

770 CHQR, Calgary AB
770 CHQR Calgary 10.12.09 0800.mp3
950 CKNB, Campbellton NB
1020 KDKA, Pittsburgh PA
1120 KMOX, St. Louis MO
1140 CHRB, High River AB
1150 WHBY, Kimberly WI
1250 CJYE, Oakville ON
1540 KXEL, Waterloo IA
1550 CBE Radio One, Windsor ON
1580 CKDO, Oshawa ON
1630 KCJJ, Iowa City IA

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

9th. December, 2009

It was quiet on this page since November 20. This had everything to do with the bad TA conditions of recent weeks. The MW band produced only weak and noisy signals at that time.
But yesterday and today conditions improved and I observed much stronger and stable signals.
Especially this morning was good and among the strong regulars I heard Calgary on 770 and 960 Khz for a short period around 0744z.

Some logs from this morning:

700 WLW, Cincinnati OH
760 WJR, Detroit MI
770 CHQR, Calgary AB
800 CKLW, Windsor ON *FIRST*
800 VOWR, Saint John's NL
890 WLS, Chicago IL
950 CFAM, Altona MB
960 CFAC, Calgary AB *FIRST*
1320 CJMR, Mississauga ON
1620 KOZN, Bellevue NE
1680 WTTM, Lindenwold NJ
1680 WTTM 09.12.09 0700.mp3