Monday, June 29, 2009

Sporadic E opening, 29th June, 2009

First early traces of Es this morning. The TV-Band 1 was open to Spain/Italy/ Russia and Estonia.
Here is what was seen this morning (times utc):

0715 E2 - TVE-1 / Navacerrada - woman talks to public
0805 IB - Rai Uno 3 x tx's - cooking programme // IA
0830 R1 - 1TV / Moscow - speech by Vladimir Poetin
0832 R2 - 1TV / Brjansk - // R1
0833 R3 - 1TV / Pskov - // R1
0854 R2 - RTR / Novgorod - film
0908 R2 - ETV / Tallin - film Midsummer Murders

Update 15.15 utc:

1516 E2 - Irib2 / Shiraz (Iran) - weak video for a few seconds logo trc
1520 R1 - Inter / Simferopol(UKR) - film
1534 E3 - JRTV / Suwelih(Jordan) - woman reading news - fade out 1535
1545 R2 - RTR / Novgorod (RUS) - film trailer
1617 R2 - RTL-Klub / Pecs (HNG) - film see grab
1621 E4 - HRT-1 / Psunj(HRV) - divers
1622 E4 - MTB-1 / Pelister (MKD) - CNN programme Michael Jackson

And again NO Sporadic E on FM this morning.

At 1630 utc a few greece FM stations fading in on 87.60. 88.20 and 88.40 Mhz but only for a short moment. So again no lucky day for FM-Es.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wanted !! Lots of E clouds.

All quiet today so far.
Only Spain/TVE-1 on channel E2 - 48.25 Mhz video appeared briefly just after noon for a short moment.
No further E activity were noted through the day.
This is already the 4th. day in role of a very low Sporadic E so for that reason I rever to the above title.
To fill up the gap on this page I still have a video recording from Croatia on
Channel E4- HRT-1 from Labistica with a 8M offset. The second HRT-1 transmitter from Psunj, with zero offset, was not in with a carrier.

Friday, June 26, 2009

TV-DX Video on YouTube

Due to the lack of Sporadic E opening on FM- and TV Band I tried, for the first time, to upload a tv-dx video on YouTube.
Don't ask me how much time it took before I really succeeded in uploading it.

It is a recording from channel R2 UT-1 from Kiev/Ukraine with their new logo "PERSHIJ" with means "First Channel".
The logo can be seen on trc (top right corner).

Still no Sporadic E activity on the bands (1400 utc.)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sporadic E opening, 24th June, 2009

A very good opening east and south-east this morning brought some interesting results.
On the Icom I could observe the channel E2 video carriers from Iran and Syria but the signal was buried in CCI.
Also a lot of carriers on channel R1 the strongest one was from Ukraine.
Around 0800 utc Jordan came in on channel E3 the signal was very strong and produced good video at times.
At 1030 utc the signals fade out. So lets hope for a returning later this afternoon/evening.

TV-Logs between 0700 - 1030 utc:

R1 - Inter/Simferopol (UKR)
R1 - M1/Budapest (HNG) - the M4 carrier was also in
R2 - UT-1/Kiev (UKR) ID as PERSHIJ = first channel (see grab)
E2 - TVE-1/Navacerrada
E4 - TVE-1/Santiago

+ the daily reception from Italy on IA/IB

finally E3 - JRTV - Suwelih (Jordan)

This is a grab from satellite, which is what I have been seeing.

R2- UT-1 with new logo trc

Coming home at 1630 utc there was still some activity in Band 1 with:

R1 - 1 + 1 / Lvov (UKR)

R1 - M1 / Budapest (HNG) Football Federation Cup Spain vs USA

Sporadic E Band II:
(1640 utc)

Seems I caught the trail of an opening to Spain, which quickly turned via France towards Portugal.
Signals were not too strong but could log some with RDS.

Tonight's FM-Loggings:

87.70 1753- ESP: SER,Radio Principal ??. Voice ID.
87.80 1641- ESP: SER,El Ejido del Mar (AND). PI E239
87.80 1706- ESP: Si Ràdio,Perentxissa (VAL). PI E504
88.40 1653- FRA: Virgin Radio,Mont-de-Marsan/le Broca. PI F219
89.80 1815- ESP: Alerta FM,Camargo (CAN). PI E589
89.90 1803- ESP: UNID. PI E0CA.
92.20 1655- ESP: SER,Vimianzo/Monte Sangre (GAL). PI E239.
92.90 1732- POR: Radio Clube Português,Braga (BRA). PI 8332
93.30 1734- ESP: Europa FM,Ourense/Seminario (GAL). PI E2ED
95.60 1736- ESP: SER,Lugo (GAL). PI E539
96.70 1737- POR: RDP Antena 1,Porto/Monte da Virgem (PRT). PI 8201.
100.60 1748- ESP: SER,Vigo/Monte Faro Domayo (GAL). Voice ID.
102.10 1743- ESP: Radio Obradoiro,Sant. de Compostella (GAL). PI E3C4
105.60 1738- ESP: Radio Voz,Lugo (GAL).PI E2A2

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sporadic E opening, 23rd June,2009

A quieter day today, however at 16.50 utc Channel R1 was open for a very short moment with Ukraine and Russia:

  R1 - Inter/Simferopol (UKR)




                                                             R1 - RTR/Globokoye (RUS)

No Sporadic E on FM today !

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sporadic E opening 22nd June, 2009

Could log some TV-Es into Norway this morning (09.48 utc) on channel :

E2 NRK-1/Steigen

E3 NRK-1/Hemnes

E4 NRK-1/Hadsel

The programme at that time shows a children golf-course.

Some more TV-Logs (time utc) :

12.09 - R1 - 1TV/Moscow - discussion programme

13.44 - E3 - RTP-1/Lousa - Portugese Soap

14.00 - E2 - TVE-1/Navacerrada - news & weather forecast

and finally at 18.15 Italy on E2 - TLA and on IA and IB with Rai Uno px.

At 18.15 utc FM went open into Italy, however with very unstable signals mostly from the Leche and Bari district.


87.70 1829 - ITA: Radio Venere (Puglia),Specchia - PI 514A
88.20 1845 - ITA: Radio 24,Bari/Viale Einaudi - PI 5245
89.40 1824 - ITA: Kiss Kiss Italia,Parabita-Contrada Terrisi - PI 531F
92.20 1830 - ITA: Radio Italia Solo Musica,Parabita - PI 5220
95.00 1843 - ITA: Radio Elle,Monopoli-Contrada Impalata - PI 5071

97.10 22.6. 1832- ITA: RAI GR Parlamento, Alberobello - PI 5206

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sporadic E opening 21st June, 2009

Good conditions today in TV Band 1.

Already at 0700 utc I could watch video on the following channels:

E2 - TVE-1 - Navacerrada - cartoon Sponge Bob
E2 - RTP-1 - Muro - Lisboa bike tour
E3 - RTP-1 - Lousa - idem
E4 - TVE-1 - Santiago - movie The Flintstones

R1 - BT-1 - Minsk (BLR) - interview with policeman + clock at 12.00 hrs Belarus time (see grab).
R1 - 1TV - Moscow - music/filmfestival
R2 - 1TV - Bryansk - idem

+ Rai Uno on IA/IB and TLA/Rai Uno on Channel E2

L2 - Canal+ - Bastia, Corsica----- encrypted

Again weak Es on FM at my location, only ALG/Chaine 3 could be logged on 87.60 Mhz at 09.25 utc.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sporadic E opening 20th June, 2009

 15.33 UTC

A disappointing day so far.

No opening on FM today only some short and weak video could be seen on Channel R1 -  M1 from Budapest, Hungary at 07.20 utc.

At 10.00 utc I could see Italy on Channel E2 - Rai Uno from M.S. Salvatore/Lugano.

Hopefully Es is building tonight and while typing I can see weak video from Portugal on Channel E2.

Maybe this will produce some logs later.


Update 22.00 utc 

The Es conditions didn't really reached the northern part of Holland.

I had only one TV-log on E4 - MTB-1 from Pelister (MKD) at 19.50 utc.

Tonight's  FM Logs (time is utc):

87.50  20.05 E         Evolution FM, Valdemoro

87.60  20.10 ALG     Chaine 3, Kef El Akhal

88.40  20.12 ALG     Chaine 3, Chrea