Friday, July 29, 2011

29 july 2011 - Jordan TV

Not much going on in TV Band 1 this morning.
At 0800 utc Rai Uno/Italy faded in with strong pics on
channel IA (53,75 mHz) and on Channel IB=E4 (62,25 mHz).
At 0930 utc followed by JRTV - Jordan on channel E3 (55,25 mHz).

Grab of the terrestrial reception and a pic taken from the SAT-TV.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Radio Marina to test from radio ship on 1485 kHz

The Dutch commercial broadcaster Radio Marina provides
this weekend a test broadcast on 1485kHz medium wave
from the radio ship " Jenni Baynton " in Harlingen (The Netherlands).

The test transmission will take place from Saturday, July 30th 08:00 to 18:00 and Sunday, July 31 on 1485kHz (202m), medium wave and
on the Internet at

Source: De Stentor.

Clip with ID of the test transmission on 30 juli 2011.

27 juli 2011 Es in TV Band 1

Today's Band 1 Es opening again featured very unstable propagation.
The skip area was jumping from one country to another.
At one moment the band could be almost empty, the next moment
the channels saturated with more than one station.
This was logged between 17.18 and 18.48 hrs UTC:

R2- M1 - Balti/Moldova

IA - Rai Uno - Mt. Cammarata/Italy

R2- STV1 - Bratislava / Slovakia

R1 - M1 - Budapest/Hungary
Interesting to note on their R1 frequency tonight 49.739.6, running a strapline talking about VHF, and UHF, and Aug 15 2011.
Presumably their intended switch of this particular transmitter.

R2 - RTL Klub - Pecs / Hungary

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Today's ES in FM Band 2

Around 1600 utc FM Band 2 went open to Greece.
However it was the same as the last days with
again very unstable signals.
This was heard between 1600 - 1645 utc:

88.30 GRC: Energy 88.3,Veria/Rahi. (1832 km).

88.80 GRC: ERA2 Dheftero Programa,Evia-Lamia. (2014 km).
88.90 GRC: Play 88,9,Athina/Mt Hymettos. (2139 km).
89.00 GRC: 89 Rainbow,Thessaloniki/Hortiatis. (1864 km).

89.40 GRC: Thessaloniki Deejay,Thessaloniki. (1864 km).

89.80 GRC: ERA3 Trito Programa,Kerkira. (1796 km).
89.90 ITA: Radio Maria,Parabita-Contrada Terrisi. (1699 km).
92.30 GRC: NET 105,8,Lesvos/Mt Olympos. (2166 km).
93.90 GRC: ERA Sport,Thessaloniki. (1864 km).
94.30 GRC: ERA2 Dheftero Programa,Lesvos. (2166 km).
95.50 GRC: Athlitiko Metropolis,Thessaloniki. (1864 km).

96.80 GRC: ERA3 Trito Programa,Volos. (1972 km).
100.90 GRC: ERA Sport,Athina/Mt Parnithia. (2120 km).
103.30 GRC: ERA3 Trito Programa,Ioannina/Liggiades. (1846 km).

26 juli 2011 ES in FM Band 2

Early in the morning two small E skips to Turkey and
Greece and later to Romania, Italy and Spain.
It was again not a big opening here in the Northern part
of Holland.
DX friends in the Western part had more luck with
tons of logs.

87.50 TUR Delta FM, Istanbul 2147 km
88.00 ROU Kiss FM, Bârlad (VS) 1689 km

88.40 TUR Lalegül FM, Istanbul 2147 km
88.50 ROU Kiss FM, Vaslui (VS) 1656 km
88.60 TUR Istanbul FM, Istanbul 2147 km
88.60 I R. Camaldoli Stereo, Vico Equense 1521 km
89.20 TUR Alem FM, Istanbul 2147 km
90.40 E Onda Cero, Mérida (EXT-BA) 1892 km
91.20 GRC ERA2 Dheftero Programa, Kavala 1887 km
92.00 TUR Kral FM, Istanbul 2147 km
92.90 TUR Kanal Türk Radyo, Istanbul 2147 km
94.20 E SER, Badajoz (EXT-BA) 1922 km
96.00 ROU România Actualitati,Rarau (SV) 1470 km
96.30 ROU RR Radio Iasi, Iasi/Pietrarie (IS) 1624 km
96.60 TUN RTT Radio Jeunes, Ain Draham 1846 km
98.70 ROU RR 2 Cultural,Rarau (SV) 1470 km
100.00 TUR Power FM, Istanbul 2147 km
101.10 ROU România Actualitati, Iasi/Pietrarie 1624 km
103.90 ROU România Actualitati, Bârlad (VS) 1689 km
107.30 GRC ERA Sport, Kavala/Mt Pangaion 1887 km

Thursday, July 21, 2011

21 july 2011

This afternoon around 1320 utc there was a brief opening
to Spain ( region Madrid) in FM Band 2, which however lasted
longer as the days before.
This was heard:

87.50 E Evolution FM, Alcorcón PI:E0E1
88.00 E Radio Nervión, Bilbao PI:E343
Control Room Radio Nervion:

88.20 E RNE R.Nacional, Madrid PI:E211
88.90 E Euskadi Irratia, Bilbao PI:E301
89.70 E esRadio, Valdemoro PI:E0FF
90.30 E RNE R.5 TN, Madrid PI:E215
92.10 E RNE R.5 TN, Ejea de los Caballeros PI:E515
94.20 E Punto Radio, Cambil/JAEN PI:1000
94.20 E Cadena 100, Bilbao PI:E2CE
94.50 E RNE R.3, Herencia Navajo PI:E213
94.80 E Gestiona Radio, Alcorcón PI:E2CD
96.30 E SER, Uterga/Monte Pendón PI:E239
98.90 E Cadena Dial, Baeza PI:E237
104.60 E Onda Melodia,Alcala de Henares PI:E2DA
106.80 E RNE R.5 TN, Herencia Navajo PI:EC15

No Band 1 opening through the day but came alive around
1640 utc with a somewhat unstable video from Italy on channel IA
( video freq. 53.75 mHz and Audio freq. 59.25 Mhz)
The TV Station received is Monte Caccia with a distance
of 1533 km from my place.
Rai Uno's programme "Reazione a catena"

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

19 july 2011

Brief opening to Greece and Italy around noontime in FM-band 2.
This was heard:

87.50 I Radio Peterpan, Lecce PI:5A5E
87.60 GRC Radio Stagon, Kalampaka PI:6000
RDSDX screengrab

88.00 I Radio Kiss Kiss, Specchia PI:5225
89.40 I Radio Radicale, Martina Franca PI:5210
91.80 GRC NET 105,8, Kerkira PI:1201
93.10 I RAI Radio3, Martina Franca PI:5203
94.50 I RDS - Radio Dimensione Suono, Parabita PI:5264
96.00 I Radio Deejay, Parabita PI:5214
104.70 I Radio Deejay, Selva di Fasano PI:5214
106.20 I Radio Rama, Parabita PI:5526

107.20 I Radio Norba, Parabita PI:5353
107.50 I Mondo Radio Tutti Frutti, Lecce PI:5A99

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dutch TV tower collapses after fire

15 juli 2011:
A fire caused a partial collapse of a 300 m communications mast in northern Netherlands on Friday, knocking out television and radio stations.

The fire at the television mast in Hoogersmilde in the Drenthe province, about 160 km northeast of Amsterdam, broke out around 2:00 pm and then at about 3:45 pm the upper part of the mast collapsed.
A 200-metre-high metal mast collapsed on top of a 100-metre concrete tower after the fire broke out.

"Nobody is believed to have been injured," officials told, adding that the area suffered severe communication problems with the tower used as a major broadcast hub for television, radio and telephone communications.

No radio and TV
Several regional and national broadcasters are also effected by the fire and the collapse of the tower. They can not broadcast over the air. In the provinces of Friesland, Groningen, Drenthe and Overijssel in the areas of no reception of public radio stations Radio 1, Radio 2, 3FM and Radio 4.

Sky Radio, Radio Veronica, BNR, Slam! FM, Q-music and 100%NL among commercial radio stations from the air in the north of the country. The transmitters Netherlands 1, 2 and 3 are not on television to receive digital. This was a spokesman for station manager Broadcast Partners just announced. The damage is significant according to the company.

Link to:the collapse

Link to:the day after

ES-Band 2 on 16 july 2011

Small periods for an hour of Es yesterday.
In the morning there was a brief opening to Spain
and in the evening the lower band was open to
Algeria/Tunisia and Italy.

87.90 ALG Radio Tébessa, Doukhane
88.10 ALG Radio Batna, Metlili
88.30 E UNID, PS MURCIA PI: E486
88.60 E RNE R.Clásica, Aitana/Confrides
88.60 I R. Dimensione Suono, Tempio Pausania
88.80 ALG Radio Annaba, M'cid
89.40 TUN Jawhara FM, Kairouan=Al-Qayrawan

89.60 E COPE, Benimeli/Serra de Segária
90.40 ALG Radio Setif, Meghriss
90.60 E COPE, La Font d'En Carròs
90.70 I RAI Radio1, Sinnai/Mt Serpeddi
90.70 ALG Chaîne 1, Kef El Akhal
91.20 ALG Radio Biskra, Metlili
91.80 E SER, Mojácar (AND-AL)
91.90 E Catalunya Música, Alpicat
91.90 E Catalunya Música, Sant Pere de Ribes
92.00 I RTL 102.5, Cagliari/Palazzo Griffa
92.20 E Punto Radio, St Jeroni de Montserrat
93.00 I Radio 105 Network, Sinnai/Mt Serpeddi
93.80 I Radio Internazionale, Sinnai/Mt Serpeddi
94.30 TUN RTT Radio Nationale, Zaghouan
96.20 I R. Italia Solo Musica, Mt Erice vetta
97.20 I Radio Barbagia, Siniscola/Capo Comino
97.40 E UNID, PI: E0E3
99.70 E Catalunya Ràdio, Collsuspina
100.00 E Cadena 100, Barcelona/Collserola
102.90 ALG Radio Béchar, Beni Abbes
103.00 E Ràdio Nou, Aitana/Confrides
104.00 E RNE R.Clásica, Es Talaia=Talaya
106.40 E Radio María, Águilas

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sporadic Es 15 july 2011

Nothing much happened the last few days in Band 1 and there were
only a few short openings in Band 2.
Even in Band 1 it was quiet with only brief openings of the regulars
from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.
Only RAI UNO on IA was sometimes in for hours and RTP Portugal was strong on E2 and E3.
Once again the carrier from Iran came in yesterday around 18.44 on
48.239.620 together with the Dubai Sport carrier on 48.250.242
but it did not get to video level.
Carriers Iran left and Dubai center:

Below what was heard in Band 2 between 7 - 13 july 2011:

7 july - (1402 - 1440 utc)

88.50 E Aire Latino Radio, Torrent/Monte de Calicanto
88.80 E SER, Nijar (AND-AL)
89.40 E COPE, Rocacorba (CAT-GI)
90.50 E Radio Andalucía Información, Pechina
92.10 E RNE R.5 TN, Sierra de Carrascoy
106.50 E Onda Cero, Alicante=Alacant

8 july - (1325 - 1345 utc)
87.50 UKR Persha radio (FM One - FM Odin), Odesa
87.50 TUR Delta FM, Istanbul/Camlica
87.60 BUL BNR Radio Shumen, Shumen
88.80 TUR Burc FM, Istanbul/Camlica
89.40 ROU Magic FM, Cluj-Napoca
95.30 BUL BNR Hristo Botev, Nesebar

13 july - (1600 - 1653 utc)
87.50 E Loca FM, Salamanca
87.60 ALG Chaîne 3, Kef El Akhal
88.20 E RNE R.Nacional, Madrid
88.20 ROU Radio Europa FM, Botosani
88.30 I Italianissima, Catanzaro/Monte Tiriolo
88.30 I Radio 24, Villa Castelli/Monte Fellone
88.80 E RNE R.5 TN, Zamora/El Viso
88.80 I Radio Bari, Bari/Via Fanelli
88.90 GRC NET 105,8, Akarnanika Ori
93.60 ROU România Actualitati, Târgu Mures

15 july - (1554 - 1617 utc)
87.80 TUN RTT Radio Gafsa, Kebili=Qibili
88.20 TUN RTT Radio Kef, Kasserine
88.70 TUN Shems FM, Gafsa Ville
90.80 TUN RTT Radio Jeunes, Jebel Trozza
94.30 TUN RTT Radio Nationale, Zaghouan
95.00 TUN RTT Radio Jeunes, Gafsa/Jebel Biada

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Sporadic Es - 6 july 2011

Yesterday was once again a very good Es day.
Around noontime Band 2 went open to Italy and Algeria,in addition
some stations from Tunesia faded in.
Then in the late afternoon the Es cloud moved more to the east and stations
from Russia, Belarussia and Ukraine appeared in the FM band.
However stations were quite tricky to ID because strong muf and white noise made by several stations on the same frequency at the same time.
Some highlights:
Clip one is from Radius FM, Ushachy/Belarus on 102.70 mHz
Clip two is from Doroshnoe Radio, Efremov/Russia on 106.30 mHz

The Eastern TV channels reached up to R3 with
5 Kanal from St. Petersburg and TV Centr from Moscow.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

TV Band 1 opening to the Middle East

A MAJOR sporadic Es opening on 1st July at my location.
This E skip really was a mess.
The stations kept on fighting each other to come out the clearest.
It started already at 10.00 hours with Rai Uno on channel IA
and IB/E4.
The channels R1,R2 and R3 were full of stations from Russia, Ukraine,
Moldova, Hungary and Makedonia.
Nice to see was that Moldova still uses the UEIT test card which
could be seen on channel R1 until 1600 hours as the normal
programme starts.
Around 1640 hours stations from the Middle East fading in with
Iran on channel E2, E3 and E4.
Below a fraction what was seen here.

R1-TC Cahul/Moldova
E2-Irib-2 / Iran
E4- a personal first of the Al-Amal news channel from Iran
E4- MTB-1 / Makedonia