Saturday, July 02, 2011

TV Band 1 opening to the Middle East

A MAJOR sporadic Es opening on 1st July at my location.
This E skip really was a mess.
The stations kept on fighting each other to come out the clearest.
It started already at 10.00 hours with Rai Uno on channel IA
and IB/E4.
The channels R1,R2 and R3 were full of stations from Russia, Ukraine,
Moldova, Hungary and Makedonia.
Nice to see was that Moldova still uses the UEIT test card which
could be seen on channel R1 until 1600 hours as the normal
programme starts.
Around 1640 hours stations from the Middle East fading in with
Iran on channel E2, E3 and E4.
Below a fraction what was seen here.

R1-TC Cahul/Moldova
E2-Irib-2 / Iran
E4- a personal first of the Al-Amal news channel from Iran
E4- MTB-1 / Makedonia


  1. wonderfull stuff john well done ... conditions still extremely poor here in scotland

  2. Thanks David,

    Very frustrating for you that the Es conditions
    are not reaching the Scottish Borders so far.
    I really hope for you that a BIG transatlantic
    opening will start the coming week and will end the last week of July.