Thursday, July 07, 2011

Sporadic Es - 6 july 2011

Yesterday was once again a very good Es day.
Around noontime Band 2 went open to Italy and Algeria,in addition
some stations from Tunesia faded in.
Then in the late afternoon the Es cloud moved more to the east and stations
from Russia, Belarussia and Ukraine appeared in the FM band.
However stations were quite tricky to ID because strong muf and white noise made by several stations on the same frequency at the same time.
Some highlights:
Clip one is from Radius FM, Ushachy/Belarus on 102.70 mHz
Clip two is from Doroshnoe Radio, Efremov/Russia on 106.30 mHz

The Eastern TV channels reached up to R3 with
5 Kanal from St. Petersburg and TV Centr from Moscow.

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