Thursday, October 29, 2009

29th October, 2009

After several day's with very bad TA conditions, I had only weak
and fading signals at my location, this morning however I could observe some stronger signals especially after 0800 utc. with a first from 1160 KSL.

Some logs:

1040 WHO, Des Moines IA
1110 WBT, Charlotte NC
1160 KSL, Salt Lake City UT
1180 WHAM, Rochester NY
1300 WOOD,Grand Rapids MI
1300 WOOD 29.10.09 - 0801utc.mp3
1310 CIWW, Ottawa ON very strong
1540 KXEL, Waterloo IA
1610 Caribbean Beacon, Anquilla Island

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

21st October, 2009

Only 2 logs this morning from 1060 khz CKMX and XEEP Radio Educacion.
CKMX with their slogan Country AM 10-60 and Educacion with full ID
but after that their programme was silent for several minutes.

1060 CKMX, Calgary AB - 0512utc
1060 XEEP R. Educacion, Mexico City - 0606utc

Monday, October 19, 2009

19th October, 2009

Despite this mornings poor conditions there was a surprising
good signal from CJVB Fairchild Radio, Vancouver.

1470 CJVB, Vancouver BC at 0535utc
with a Bosnian programme.
1470 CJVB - 19.10.09 - 0600 utc.mp3

Friday, October 16, 2009

16th October, 2009

Not much to report, mainly the common stations were heard the past few days.
2 logs worth noting were 1540 CHIN on October 14th. and 1590 WAKR from this morning.

1540 CHIN,Toronto ON - 0517Z in Italian

As 1593 DRM-WDR 2, Langenberg GER has been silent due to transmitter
maintenance I managed to log WAKR.
The signal was weak but a full ID is at 50 sec. on the record.

1590 WAKR, Akron OH - 0554Z
1590 wakr - 16.10. 0554utc.mp3

Sunday, October 11, 2009

11th October, 2009

MW conditions, compared to the past few days, were at a bit better level this morning.
Signals were a lot stronger with a peak between 0600 - 0630 utc.
Among the regulars I had a full ID from KCJJ and a first from CKNX and WKSH.

920 CKNX, Wingham ON
1630 KCJJ,Iowa City IA

1640 WKSH, Sussex WI - R. Disney //with 1650 WHKT

Some older logs:
10-10 - 1150 WHBY, Kimberley WI - a first
08-10 - 1020 KDKA,Pittsburgh PA
07-10 - 930 WBEN, Buffalo NY - a first
07-10 - 1060 CKMX, Calgary AB

Monday, October 05, 2009

5th October, 2009

MW conditions were below average this morning.
A positive ID as well as a personal first was from the religious WMCA.

570 WMCA, New York City NY at 0541Z

Sunday, October 04, 2009

4th October, 2009

Had some good signals in the extended mw band at 0500Z this morning.
Another personal first from KKGM.

1620 WDHP, Frederiksted VI
1630 KKGM, Forth Worth TX
1630 KKGM 04.10.09 0521.mp3
1630 KCJJ, Iowa City IA
1640 WTNI, Biloxi MS
1640 WTNI 4.10.09 0504.mp3
1650 WHKT, Portsmouth VA - Radio Disney
1660 WCNZ, Marco Island FL - The Avenue
1690 CHTO, Toronto ON

Thursday, October 01, 2009

1st October, 2009

MW conditions were below average this morning only some stations in the
Extended MW band were quite strong at 0510utc.

1330 WRCA, Watertown MA
at 0600 utc with a WUNB px.
listen to this record:
1330 unid 1.10-0600utc.mp3

1650 WHKT, Portsmouth VA
1660 Avenue/WCNZ, Marco Island FL
1660 WCNZ Avenue 1.10.09 -0500utc.mp3
1670 WFSM, Dry Branch GA
1700 WEUP, Huntsville AL