Wednesday, September 30, 2009

30th September, 2009

Still pretty poor conditions on MW the past few days.
Even the regulars were weak on a noisy band.
Below some loggings and here's hoping for some improvement of the conditions.

27th September:

The only highlight this morning was a positive ID from WBIX/Boston.

1060 WBIX, Natick MA

28th September:

555 ZIZ, St, Kitts & Nevis
580 CFRA, Ottawa ON
610 CHNC, New Carlisle QC
860 CJBC, Toronto ON

29th September:

1080 WTIC, Hartford CT
1100 WTAM, Cleveland OH
1310 CIWW, Ottawa ON
1430 Unid EE FoxSport presume WENE
1570 CFAV, Laval QC

30th September:

570 Radio Reloj, Santa Clara Cuba
820 TBN, St. Kitts & Nevis

Saturday, September 26, 2009

26th September, 2009

No loggings on 25th September due to a very noisy band and too much euro splatter on my location.
MW band still a bit noisy this morning but signals were a bit stronger than the last days.
Among the regulars I could log one first CFBC

930 CFBC, Saint John NF

Thursday, September 24, 2009

24th September, 2009

Conditions on MW this morning were as bad as yesterday morning.


950 CKNB, Campbellton NB
1010 WINS, New York NY - always a difficult one due to the local 1008
1050 CHUM, Toronto ON
1080 WTIC, Hartford CT
1630 WRDW, Augusta GA
1650 CJRS, Montreal QC (Radio Shalom) this time in French 0426 utc.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

22nd September, 2009

Conditions were not as good as yesterdaymorning but I could log 3 stations with a positive ID of which WSYR is a first.

560 WGAN, Portland ME

570 WSYR, Syracuse NY

960 WEAV, Plattsburgh NY
IDing as The Zone 9-60AM

Monday, September 21, 2009

21st September, 2009

Again a new one for me logged this morning on 570 khz CKGL.

570 CKGL, Kitchener ON FOX Sports Radio
570 CKGL FOX sports 21.9.09 0503utc.mp3
on the record sometimes you can hear the time pips of Radio Reloj.
No wobbler was heard this morning on 570.
740 CFZM, Toronto ON AM 7-40
740 CFZM AM-740 21.9.09.mp3
850 WEEI, Boston MA FOX Sport

Sunday, September 20, 2009

20th September, 2009

Reading David Hamilton's Blog from 18th September about a warbler or wobbler received on 930 Khz.
I wonder if this is also a wobbler.
It was received this morning on 570 Khz where normally Radio Reloj from Cuba is heard.
On the background you hear weak KNR from Greenland.
570 warbler 20.0.09 0442utc.mp3

Not much to report only a few logs from this morning:

570 KNR, Nuuk / Greenland
820 WBAP, Fort Worth TX
1470 WLAM, Lewistone ME
1620 WDHP, Fredriksted VI
1620 WDHP 20.9.09 0500utc.mp3
1680 WOKB, Winter Garden FL

Saturday, September 19, 2009

19th September, 2009

Another personal first this morning on 790 Khz WAXY and Radio Reloj.
On the record you hear an advertisement from Coral Springs
Florida phone 1877 AUTO MALL.
On the same record you can also hear the time pips of Radio Reloj.

Some logs of this morning 0442 - 0540 utc:

700 WLW, Cincinnati OH
770 CMNC Radio Rebelde, Pilon CUBA // 5025 Khz
740 Unid non-stop Jazz presume KBSU
780 WBBM, Chicago IL Sport
790 WAXY, South Miami FL Sports Talk 7-90
(2) 790 WAXY Sports talk 19.9.09 0528utc.mp3
790 CMAQ Radio Reloj, Pinar del Rio CUBA
820 TBN, St. Kitts and Nevis

Friday, September 18, 2009

18th September, 2009

Below average sounding conditions this morning.
However I did manage another personal first 1200 WKOX.
This is what was logged between 0453 - 0540 utc.

1140 WQBA, Miami FL (La voz de Miami)
1200 WKOX, Newton MA (La nueva rumba 1200)
1200 WKOX 18-9-09 0535utc.mp3
1500 WFED, Washington DC
1510 WWZN, Boston MA
1520 WWKB, Buffalo NY
1610 Caribbean Beacon, Anquilla Island
1620 WDHP, Frederiksted VI
1690 CJLO, Montreal QC

Thursday, September 17, 2009

17th September, 2009

A personal first for me this morning with WINR and WCRN.
This were heard between 0437 - 0552 utc.

570 Reloj, Santa Clara / Cuba
580 CFRA, Ottawa ON
590 VOCM, St. John's NF
660 WFAN, New York NY
660khz WFAN 17.9.09 - 0506.mp3
680 CFTR, Toronto ON
680 WINR, Binghamton NY
770 WABC, New York NY
830 WCRN, Worchester MA
830khz WCRN 17-9-09 - 0525.mp3
840 WHAS, Louisville KY
870 WWL, New Orleans LA
880 WCBS, New York NY
1050 CHUM, Toronto ON

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

16th September, 2009

Had a listen on MW this morning.
The following were heard between 0455 - 0545 utc.
with some really strong signals.

1020 Unid non stop SS music
1030 WBZ, Boston MA
1060 Unid non stop SS music presume XEEP/Mex
1100 WTAM, Cleveland OH
1120 KMOX, St. Louis MO
1130 WBBR, New York NY
1140 CBI, Sydney NS - heard also SS music on this freq.
1200 CFGO, Ottawa ON - heard also SS music presume WKOX
1390 WEGP, Presque Isle ME
1400 CBG, Gander NF
1510 WWZN, Boston MA
1560 WQEW, New York NY
1570 CFAV, Laval QC
1580 CKDO, Oshawa ON

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Sporadic E opening 8th September, 2009

At around 1130z TVE-1 and Inter came up to good video levels.

10:00z E2 - TVE-1 / Navacerrada (ESP)

10:22z R1 - Inter / Simferopol (UKR)

At 12:30z strong video on R1 - M1 / Budapest (HNG)

13:55z R3 - Moldova1 / Straseni