Sunday, September 20, 2009

20th September, 2009

Reading David Hamilton's Blog from 18th September about a warbler or wobbler received on 930 Khz.
I wonder if this is also a wobbler.
It was received this morning on 570 Khz where normally Radio Reloj from Cuba is heard.
On the background you hear weak KNR from Greenland.
570 warbler 20.0.09 0442utc.mp3

Not much to report only a few logs from this morning:

570 KNR, Nuuk / Greenland
820 WBAP, Fort Worth TX
1470 WLAM, Lewistone ME
1620 WDHP, Fredriksted VI
1620 WDHP 20.9.09 0500utc.mp3
1680 WOKB, Winter Garden FL

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