Saturday, June 11, 2011

RUV-Iceland on TV channel E4 - 10.06.2011

After a few days dry spell the TV Band1 Es were back in full June force on
10th. June 2011.
This intense opening lasted more than 12 hours.
It started around noontime and ended far past midnight.
A mix bag of regular TV stations from Russia/Belarus/Ukraine/Moldova
and Makedonia were seen.

The highlight appeared around 1900 utc (= 21.00 hours local time)
with RUV from Iceland on channel E4 = 62.250 mHz video.
I could see both RUV carriers on 62.251.318 mHz from Skalafell
and 62.251.670 mHz from a unid location.
RUV logo top right.

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