Monday, May 31, 2010

USSR UEIT Test Card still exist

Another good Sporadic E opening today.
A lot of "R" channels was seen from Russia/Ukraine/Moldova and Hungary.
On the Icom R75 I had two strong E2 carriers:
48.250.213 probable Dubai and another one on 48.253.681 there's supposed to be an E2 transmitter in Afghanistan but the offset is unknown.
No video was seen due to heavy interference from 2Plus/Moldova on R1.
Most likely I had my first TA carrier on A2 = 55.259.998 with 60hz sidebands.
The antenna was pointed to the North-West.
Again no luck with the video as from the back of my antenna I had strong
signals from Jordan and Italy.

On channel R2 I could log the test card of Kiev/UKR which is very rare nowadays.
Maybe it is only used for a local programme start.

First log this season of E3 - Jordan:

Still on air E21 Network from Italy on E3:

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