Monday, November 14, 2011

33.42 mHz WQDC703 - Orlando / Florida

The TA mediumwave conditions are very average at the moment
and I was told that the DX is now on 30 - 36 Mhz.
Therefore I decided to build a multiband Inverted-V
for 33,38 and 43 mHz.

This afternoon I tried to catch some DX on Low VHF.
I heard a lot of Spanish Taxi dispatchers around 30 Mhz
and tuning a bit higher I heard this weather station on 33.42 mHz.

The National Weather Service from Melbourne, FL.
Every couple of minutes a recording over the top of the Weather Service says
"This is WQDC703 1650 AM. This is the City of Orlando Office of Emergency Management. Stay tuned for the most updated weather conditions from the National Weather Service in Melbourne."
The distance between my location and the transmitter location
of 33.42 MHz is 7402 km.

US National Weather Service Melbourne Florida

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  1. great signal john and low vhf is certainly where the dx is at the moment as mw is very poor. nice conditions to missouri yesterday on 42 mhz ... look forward to more of your recordings ... cheers david